Saturday, 6 August 2011

Look What Has Just Flown In Through My Window!!!!

I know, I know! you probably don't want to think of Winter 2011 already! (I sure don't !!).

Having said that, Those impending burrr times when its to cold to get out of bed to go to the toilet are coming!!!!. 

So with the thought of that classic saying fail to prepare = prepare to fail going around in my head, I have had the old crochet hook and knitting needles out. I really wanted to have some beautiful winter creations ready for your little ones noggins (heads) when those nasty burrrr months come around.

Here are two little characters we currently have in the Our Little BowTique Avery

They are both very polite little Owls and are looking forward to meeting their new owners whoever they may be. If you would like to give one of Our Little BowTique  Little Owl Noggin Toppers a home you can visit us on Face Book to see who is still in the aviary.

Hugs, Bows and Blessings
Love M xx

Monday, 1 August 2011

Creations for Winter 2011-2012 starting to roll off the Singer

I have already shared on our facebook page a little collage of one of my creations for winter 2011, But if you missed it here it is

  Our Beautiful Lucia Bella Pantaloons and Long Sleeved Peasant Top

The top is made out of 100% cotton designer fabric and the pantaloons are made out of a heavy fabric that is perfect for winter. I am also currently working on Denim pantaloons and ones with lace overlay so gorgeous and so special and unique. All seams are either rolled hems or french seams so they are beautifully finished.

 If you would like to order the above set  at the price of  €30 for the set or  as separates's Top €15, Pantaloons €18 email Our Little BowTique  ( I can do the size up to age 8

Have a Great Day xxxx M

Monday, 25 July 2011

Our LIttle BowTique ~ Takes on the blogging world

Hi there,

If you have made it this far you must have a love of all things  boutique and all things unique!!. Are you obsessed with any thing that sparkles, twinkles, is vintage, makes you go ahhhhh when you see it,  and most importantly unique, Well I’m here to help or at the very least hopefully make you laugh.

I am an Australian born and raised 30 something. I live with my Husband (Mr Bow), Our demanding beautiful daughter and two cats whom think they are human!. (they frequently eat off your dinner plate if you lose concentration and drink from your glass of water when not looking  BRATS!!).

In my former life (the one where you could dance all night) I was a Registered Nurse but since having our daughter in January 2010 I have become a stay at home mum and a wannabe writer in the making, business owner, entrepreneur. sewer, creator, designer.

I cannot imagine life without our daughter who we lovingly call Bees (as she is the Bees knees). However I can remember what it was like to wear skinny jeans and have a full nights sleep. Having said that, there is no place I would rather be then at home with her.
Why the blog?  Well being new to this wild adventure of being a designer/owner of a business  I started a blog as an outlet to keep the grey matter ticking over and to tell my story, explain my creations (without clogging up your face book news feed )  AND  hopefully reach out to my lovely customers/friends and to hear your stories and get to know you :-)  and get to know what you would like to see created by Our Little BowTique.

Now unfortunately I cannot afford an editor to check my posts so you may find that I tend to insert punctuation whenever I feel it may look pretty and the odd typo will be missed prior to publishing.

Translation = I may misspell mispell a few words here and there.

Feel free to drop me an email at  or leave comments after a post and I promise to always respond (in between meeting Bees demands needs of course).

I’m glad you’re here !.
Love M xx

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