Saturday, 6 August 2011

Look What Has Just Flown In Through My Window!!!!

I know, I know! you probably don't want to think of Winter 2011 already! (I sure don't !!).

Having said that, Those impending burrr times when its to cold to get out of bed to go to the toilet are coming!!!!. 

So with the thought of that classic saying fail to prepare = prepare to fail going around in my head, I have had the old crochet hook and knitting needles out. I really wanted to have some beautiful winter creations ready for your little ones noggins (heads) when those nasty burrrr months come around.

Here are two little characters we currently have in the Our Little BowTique Avery

They are both very polite little Owls and are looking forward to meeting their new owners whoever they may be. If you would like to give one of Our Little BowTique  Little Owl Noggin Toppers a home you can visit us on Face Book to see who is still in the aviary.

Hugs, Bows and Blessings
Love M xx

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